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Founder of UM-Bridge, a language-agnostic framework for coupling Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) software to numerical model codes. Inspired by mircoservices and cloud technologies, it allows for portability and reproducibility of models, as well as the definition of standardized UQ benchmark problems.

UM-Bridge repository

MIT Uncertainty Quantification Library

MUQ project logo

Core developer of the MIT Uncertainty Quantification Library (MUQ) for solving a wide variety of uncertainty quantification problems. Particular focus on efficient multilevel methods and high performance computing.

Project website (MUQ repository)

DUNE Numerics Framework

DUNE project logo

Frequent contributor to DUNE, a high performance numerics framework for partial differential equations. Developer of DUNE PDELab’s highly scalable GenEO preconditioner implementation for challenging heterogeneous problems.

Project website (DUNE PDELab repository)